CEOs must take the green lead

Published: 20 September 2016
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WHAT is today's biggest leadership issue? Profits, corruption, jobs, governance or empowerment? 

They all demand toptier attention, but surely the biggest issue has to be the planet ... Read more

Women's Day: watch out for the queen bee

Published: 02 August 2016

Women’s Day is a chance to celebrate women who succeed against the odds, especially those who reach the top in a man’s world, despite male protection of their turf. ‘The Queen Bee Syndrome’ gets... Read more

How to identify presenteeism

Published: 12 July 2016

'Presenteeism' is the phenomenon of employees who are at work when they should be, but are not sufficiently productive.

Presenteeism was initially defined as the practice of going to work... Read more

Talent Africa

Published: 27 June 2016

Africa talks to Gusti Coetzer, who is the director of Talent Africa, about green collar jobs and the lack of these types of jobs in South Africa. Africa also asks the listeners what they do... Read more