The more you
inspire and
your talent
The higher
you will go.


Talent is
nothing without
Luckily, its our
most abundant

We are a

Talent Africa is a world class executive search company based in South Africa. We offer high end talent solutions to clients nationally and in sub-Saharan Africa.

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We offer our clients a diversified and integrated selection of services including:

Executive Search &
Selection Of Specialised Skills

As the competition for competent people in the workplace becomes more intense, we provide a superior service...

Board Strategy

Facilitating development of strategy by board is a key component of Talent Africa's service range...

Development & Coaching

Due to the global shortage of talent it has now become imperative that the organisations prioritize skills...

Assessment Of
Human Capital

Our assessment techniques assist our clients to make better decisions regarding their human capital...

Latest News

14 November 2017

The corporate world embraces diversity and inclusion. Countless mission statements say so. Building a diverse organisation is

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01 November 2017

Entrepreneurship is widely celebrated. Since 2010, National Entrepreneur’s Day on November 19 has been presidentially

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04 October 2017

Your company is embroiled in a reputational crisis of such magnitude it could bring down the business and with it your

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Meet our expert team

Our team has experience in excess of 100 years in total , with a distinctive blend of professional search experience and deep industry expertise particularly in the search and human resources field.